Mechatronics engineering

Mechatronics engineering major

This name expresses a very broad and complex engineering term, as it combines a number of important engineering disciplines that allow a specialist in this field to do smarter engineering work and matters in conjunction with speed, as it refers to the use of electronics in mechanical control.

About the specialty of mechatronics engineering

It is one of the engineering majors that combines more than one engineering discipline (computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering). It is concerned with designing products that integrate mechanical systems, electrical systems, and computer systems, so that it coordinates between these systems through a single control panel.

The study of mechatronics relates to developing a specialized system to control various systems to develop different product designs, manufacturing industries, smart devices, and systems that include motors to help move mechanical parts, in addition to measuring devices that determine the state and movement of the system.

Advantages of studying mechatronics engineering

  1. The ability to self-learning and self-development continuously.
  2. Learn about integrated design methods in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer systems, and control systems.
  3. The ability to design products and deal with integrated means of production.
  4. Developing methods for performing computer-aided tasks such as underwater exploration or mining.
  5. Modeling and analyzing complex electronic, mechanical, and other engineering systems using computers.

Fields and workplaces of mechatronics engineering

  • Education Field.
  • Robotics.
  • Programming companies.
  • Medical devices and medical imaging systems.
  • Automotive systems companies, aviation systems.
  • Design of machines in the production sector or in engineering offices.
  • Scientific and research laboratories.
  • Electricity and energy services.
  • Design and supervise the implementation of mechanical systems.
  • Industrial automation, electrical panel companies and factories.
  • Products, manufacturing ie sales and marketing.
  • Factories management and production lines management in addition to metal working.

The most important Turkish universities that study mechatronics engineering

  • Bahcesehir University.
  • Ishik University.
  • Okan University.
  • Marmara University
  • Gedek University.
  • Gelişim University.
  • Nisantasi University.
  • Necmettin Erbakan University.
  • Istanbul Technic University.
  • Istanbul Bilgi University.

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