with you to start your study in Turkey

With you to start studying in Turkey

Turkey is the most requested destination by international students to study in its distinguished universities because of its advanced educational curricula, its academic staff with high scientific levels, and its practical training for students in all disciplines, in addition to its low tuition fees.

 Why will I choose to study in Turkey?

Certificates issued by Turkish universities are accredited by the countries of the European Union and most Arab countries as well, in addition to that 90% of their universities adopt student exchange programs (Erasmus), which allows the exchange of students and faculty members to support youth, education and training in various parts of the world, which provides opportunities to gain experience outside Turkey.

Turkish public and private universities

Many students wishing to complete their studies abroad dream of enrolling in Turkish universities because they adopt high-quality educational programs in addition to the multiple scientific disciplines that are mainly taught in Turkish and English and other languages. Turkey contains 129 public universities and 75 private universities in various provinces. Turkey is all characterized by huge campuses with stunning views.

University fees in Turkey

The number of foreign students in Turkey is increasing day by day until it reached nearly 400 thousand foreign students from different countries of the world because its universities have proven scientific development and quality in their educational programs, and because they contain a large number of public and private universities with low fees, as the public universities in Turkey is considered almost free, as it takes fees starting at $ 200 per year, but this varies according to university majors and academic levels. As for private universities, they require university fees more than private universities, as they start at $1,500 per year, and this varies according to the required majors and academic level.

living in Turkey

In view of the privacy of the university years and their importance in shaping the student's awareness, the openness of the university student's host society and its cultural richness plays a major role in expanding his intellectual perceptions, which Turkey is actually experiencing by virtue of its location between East and West.

As for the cost of living in Turkey, it is considered one of the most important reasons for foreign students to prefer it over other countries in the world, whether through residence, university fees, and monthly expenses. The calculation of living costs at the individual level is determined by several factors such as annual income, inflation rate, purchasing power, lifestyle and other factors that differ from one person to another according to his preferences.

As a result, managing the cost of living can make it a cheap country to live and study in. The quality of life in Turkey is high compared to Middle Eastern countries and low compared to European countries.

How can Pacios help you to enroll in Turkish universities?

We provide you with the best services that you will need regarding educational consulting and everything you need for your academic journey. The Pasius team provides consultation, clarifies the necessary papers, communicates with universities and completes the registration process at the university that the student desires, in addition to that all these services provided are in the form of Free.