Our institutes

Study in preparatory institutes accredited to enter Turkish universities

Our educational institution, Pasios, seeks to provide admission to accredited academies to prepare its students by studying Turkish, English, and YUS to enter Turkish universities, and this saves the student a large amount of money because universities add large registration fees to the preparatory year in them, and for this reason our institution provides many Arab and international academies in Istanbul to meet the needs of students Those coming to Turkey to study in its universities.

Why does the student prefer to register through Passyos?

Because we shorten the student's effort to move around and search for the appropriate and accredited institute, in addition to our services being completely free in providing educational consultations and obtaining admission for students in appropriate institutes.

How to register through us

We are contacted to determine the appropriate study language and the extent of the need to study the YUS according to the university and the academic specialization, in addition to telling us the student’s housing address. Accordingly, our team proposes the appropriate institute, but if the student is outside Turkey, we offer him integrated service packages that include airport pick-up service, housing insurance, and obtaining a permit Residence and arranging legal procedures and certifications before completing the registration process at the institute.

Documents required for registration

A copy of the passport
Phone number
Father's and mother's name

Common questions

Are the institutes that are registered through Pacios recognized?

Yes, all institutes contracting with us are recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Is residency obtained after registration at the institute?

Yes, you can obtain a tourist residency throughout the study period.