Our services

University admission for free

You have to contact Passyos team to provide advice, assistance, and help in choosing the appropriate language of study, and send the necessary documents for registration via WhatsApp, and then you will receive your university admission to study in the best Turkish universities for free within a maximum period of 7 days

Equivalence of school and university diplomas

The certificate equivalency process is for certificates issued outside Turkey in order to be equivalent to Turkish certificates, and duly registered in the Ministry of Education so that certificate holders can work in Turkey and register in its universities. Passyos team provides all consultations related to the certificate equivalency in Turkey, booking the appointment and the rest of the procedures with extracting the equivalence from the concerned office within a maximum period of 10 days.

Student legal residence

You have to apply to our team who is specialized in residence affairs in Turkey, which is keen to extract all the necessary documents for the student and arranges the residence document completely before submitting it to the Immigration Department. Our team continues to follow up the students’ files until obtaining the residence result within a maximum period of 30 days.

student housing and accommodation insurance

We assist students in securing student housing by presenting several offers for residential places with several different prices and features in Istanbul so that they have the ability to choose the most suitable one, and then complete the housing reservation process before the student comes to Turkey or while he is there.

Health insurance

Passyos team requests and coordinates the necessary documents to obtain the health insurance. You can contact us to obtain the health insurance within a maximum period of 2 days.

Student public transportation card

Passyos team requests and coordinates the necessary documents to obtain the student public transportation card for students who want it, after obtaining the final university admission within a maximum period of 7 days.

Local calling card

Passyos team will extract a Turkish phone card for students who wish after arriving in Turkey within a maximum period of 2 days.

Create bank accounts

Passyos team requests and coordinates the necessary documents to help students to open a bank account for those who wish, after obtaining a residence permit within a maximum period of 2 days.

Sworn translation

Personal identification documents and academic certificates must be translated into Turkish exclusively so that we can apply for legal residence, certificate equivalency and enrollment in Turkish universities. Contact Passyos team for the translation within a maximum of 2 days.

Transport and reception services

Our team receives students coming to Istanbul at the airport, in addition to accompanying them to complete the final registration process at the university.

Registration for the preparatory year

Our team registers students to prepare for entering Turkish universities in the best accredited academies for free, which saves students a large amount of money because universities add large fees for registration for the preparatory year in them