Study preferences

Study preferences of higher education students

When students finish their education at the secondary stage and other schools that are equivalent to it in various fields (scientific secondary, literary secondary, industrial secondary, commercial secondary, tourist secondary, etc.), they move to another stage called higher education (university education), according to the total points (average Grades) obtained by the student, with a number of required documents according to the selected university.

How do I go to complete university studies?

University education (higher education) is one of the stages that has received great attention from various countries of the world, as universities are constantly developing academic staff and curricula to comply with the rapid global development.

The study plans in the university stages are not like the school stage in which the student lives with difficult and boring curricula, but it contains general and specialized materials for the chosen branch, and the education sector is developed by relying on providing it with a set of books and specialized literature in many fields of study, and one of the most important characteristics Higher education in societies It maintains economic development by providing the labor market with many competencies that support and develop it. It also increases cognitive awareness among young learners and presents a group of important research in various fields of knowledge, which supports the global research sector.

University education certificates

  1. Vocational Institutes Certificate: It is a stage of university study in which the student progresses after completing the secondary stage. The stage extends to two years in which the student studies specialized subjects with the possibility of training if the specialization requires that. At the end of this stage, the student must have passed Hajj in all his subjects and obtained a good average. In some disciplines, he can complete the bachelor's stage with that certificate, and some of the subjects he studied during the institute period are deleted.
  2. University Bachelor’s Degree: It is considered the basic stage in the university that most of the students who were able to succeed in the secondary stage seek to enroll in, and at this stage the student chooses the specialization that suits him, and is compatible with the requirements of his high school diploma, and the period of study in the bachelor’s stage ranges between four and five years, and may extend to six years or more in some university majors, such as medicine.
  3. Postgraduate Certificate (Master): It is the second university degree after the bachelor’s degree, in which the student specializes more in his field of study, and in order to be able to obtain this certificate, he must pass the hours of the study plan successfully, and the period of study in the master’s stage ranges between one and two years according to his choice of specialization, There are majors that end with the completion of the master's thesis, and there are majors that end with the completion of the academic subjects without preparing the master's thesis.
  4. Graduate study certificate (PhD): It is the third university degree after the bachelor’s degree, which can be joined after success in the master’s stage. This stage is more specialized than the master’s stage. The stage between one year and four years varies according to universities and the different education system in countries.

What is the importance of university education?

Arab and European countries have paid great attention to this stage, so we find that a number of these countries have made university or academic education available to young people without material compensation or at small costs. necessary.

The importance of university education can be explained in the following points:

  • The university qualification is the basic key to entering the labor market and thus guarantees obtaining a suitable income that will help him fulfill his requirements. Therefore, young people depend on university education in an essential way in order to obtain a suitable job.
  • Countries depend mainly on this type of education in order to graduate batches capable of working in various sectors and institutions, whether in health, commerce, industry, tourism or other sectors. And media and politicians, and each of them had a prominent role in raising the status of their country among other countries.
  • University education plays an important role in developing cultural awareness among the members of society of issues pertaining to the homeland, which take a large part of the attention of public opinion. Through it, students also learn the methods of etiquette of dialogue and increase their ability to comprehend and think in good ways, and to avoid randomness in decision-making.

How do I choose a major?

There are many factors that affect the choice of a university major, the most important of which are:

  • What the student prefers in a particular major.
  • The capabilities and talents that the student possesses.
  • Chosen specialty market.
  • Potential future income.
  • Student career goals.

The benefits of choosing the right university major are:

  • Clarity of the student's vision, and studying the requirements of specialization with knowledge and understanding.
  • Get a great opportunity to train.
  • Obtaining high academic grades, which increases self-confidence.
  • Determine the future career path of the student; Which makes it a crucial decision for him.

Advice when choosing your university major

Among the tips that the student should take into account when choosing a university major, including:

  • The student must be familiar with all the specializations offered at the university in addition to the courses related to each university major.
  • The student must accurately determine all the areas in which he can work for all the specializations offered at the university, whether inside or outside Jordan.
  • The student must identify and choose the most important specializations that he deems appropriate to his capabilities, abilities and inclinations, in addition to the field of work that he desires and wants in the future.
  • The student must arrange the specializations he has chosen in descending order of importance to him, and this paves the way for him to form the final decision to choose the major he prefers and commensurate with his interests and abilities.
  • The student must ensure that the language of study is chosen in accordance with his capabilities and the specialization he is studying, in addition to taking into account the country in which he wishes to study.

How do I choose the university?

Choosing a university is one of the most difficult decisions a student has to make. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing universities:

  • Acquired capabilities: It is necessary to look at the university that gives practical training opportunities for the specialization for which the student is applying, regardless of whether it is local or international, and some universities can secure a monthly or annual salary (scholarships) and some can offer the required specialization with a few university fees in addition to housing Students, and here it is worth mentioning the Turkish universities that are very interested in the foreign student and offer him a huge number of specialization options with low tuition and an excellent standard of living.
  • The desired major: It is important to choose universities that have a list of majors that you like in the languages that you are fluent in, as this makes you creative in the field of study and achieves the highest grades for you, and it may build good relationships with others in the country in which you study.
  • Entry into the labor market: Many students are trying to find programs that allow them to enter the labor market directly, that is, to obtain adequate training during the university study stage, and this forces many students to enroll in universities that are recognized locally and internationally, so the student must get acquainted with the universities in general and study the information. Universities well in order to get a real sense of the extent of the benefit that he gets.