Pharmacy specialty

The specialty of pharmacy is one of the medical specialties, and the study of pharmacy is one of the ideal options for many students to enter the medical field, due to the ease of study and the short number of years compared to the study of human medicine, for example, and Turkey is one of the best places to study pharmacy due to the quality of its universities in the field of health and medicine, in addition to Its fees are lower compared to other European countries.

About the specialty of pharmacy

Pharmacology studies drugs, their properties, composition of drugs, and related matters. Pharmacology is closely related to biological sciences such as medicine, plant sciences, and medicinal herbs, in addition to chemistry. It is a health profession that links the health sciences with the chemical sciences so that it is responsible for ensuring the safe use and efficacy of pharmaceutical preparations.

The necessary skills to study at the Faculty of Pharmacy:

  1. General research skills.
  2. Work as one team.
  3. Technical expertise and laboratory skills.
  4. In-depth understanding of human biology and health issues.
  5. General IT skills and data analysis.
  6. Self-management, i.e. planning and meeting deadlines.

Related branches:

  • Pharmaceutical department.
  • Department of Technical Pharmacy.
  • Department of Pharmaceuticals and Biomedical Chemistry.
  • Nutrition department.

The most important Turkish universities studying pharmacy

  • Istinye University.
  • Marmara University.
  • Baskent University.
  • Beykent University.
  • Biruni University.
  • Yedi repent university.
  • Medipol University.
  • İstanbul Altınbaş University

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