Studying abroad

How do I start studying in Turkish universities?

Turkey opens its arms to all foreign students from all over the world, but nevertheless this decision is one of the difficult decisions that the student takes and moves to live in another country to complete his academic career, so the student must ensure the following set of information:

Are Turkish certificates internationally recognized?

Will he choose Turkish public or private universities?

Will he choose to study in Turkish or English?

Will he choose private housing or student housing?

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About studying in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that many visitors visit with the aim of tourism due to its picturesque nature and mild climate most of the year, in addition to being a destination for a large number of those wishing to study abroad by virtue of its advanced education and scientific and practical characteristics, which has made an increasing number of people from all over the world, especially from Arab countries tend to study in Turkey to start a new life, with the aim of university studies or work, and Turkey has witnessed significant and significant progress in recent years, in various educational, commercial, industrial and economic fields.

Turkey also includes 19 universities ranked among the first thousand in the world, and all other universities rank well. One of the beautiful features is also the diversity of educational programs and the languages used in teaching students, in addition to the diversity of different races and nationalities among students and teachers locally and internationally.

Turkey is one of the countries that many Arab students and other countries accept in various educational stages to enroll in studies in its public or private universities, due to its high position among international universities, and this is due to its adoption of the best scientific technology techniques in providing information to students and training them in the practical aspects of their specialization. To enable him to delve into the professional career, therefore, studying in Turkish universities is distinguished by linking academic theoretical study with practical training, which contributes to increasing students’ experiences in addition to the scientific strength of academic professors.

Graduation certificates from private universities are also internationally recognized, because Turkey applies European standards in the curricula, and also because it adopts the ECTS European Credit Transfer System, which allows the student to equate his materials and certificate with any European country.

With regard to private universities in Turkey, it has many private universities distinguished by the quality of the curriculum and staff in the world. Turkey has approximately 60 private universities, and all of them, of course, are affiliated with the Supreme Council of Turkish Universities or the so-called “YUK” and are therefore recognized locally and internationally. In addition, most private universities do not require admission exams, but only a translated secondary certificate. Universities also conduct language tests for students applying to determine the level.

Advantages of studying in Turkey

  • Turkish universities have distinguished accreditations in the world regarding the level and quality of education.
  • The majority of Turkish universities give great importance to the scientific aspect in addition to theoretical study, so that the student from his various academic subjects can increase his experience and his ability to compete strongly in the labor market.
  • Turkish universities enjoy the strength of their study programs, in addition to a distinguished group of academic professors from the best universities in the world.
  • You can study a bachelor's degree in Turkey or complete a master's and doctoral studies in the field you want in the most important private universities in Turkey, which occupy a privileged position among the best universities in the world.
  • Turkish universities pay great attention to student activities to support communication skills and reduce student life experiences in addition to learning.
  • Turkish universities provide a large number of study programs and joint agreements, the most important of which is (Erasmus Student Exchange Program) with the most important universities in the world, which allows the exchange of students and professors between universities and each other.
  • Turkish universities guarantee foreign students, especially Arabs, a good educational environment, as there are delegations from different countries, which guarantees them a more enjoyable academic life.
  • Providing modern technologies for learning, from equipped halls, laboratories and research centers to job and training opportunities.
  • The certificates obtained by students from Turkish universities in various disciplines and levels of study are highly reliable and recognized in many European and Arab countries, and this in turn makes it easier for the student to obtain a job with a prestigious position in any field.

Conditions of study in Turkey

  • The student must pass the secondary stage, regardless of the grade point average obtained.
  • The student must obtain a visa for Turkey and travel to it.
  • The student must submit an application for admission to the university well in advance of the start of studies.
  • The student must pay tuition and university fees after obtaining the initial admission.
  • The student must undergo the preparatory year in the language required for study before the start of the academic year.

Papers required for registration in Turkish universities

  • Personal Photos.
  • Passport copy.
  • High school pass certificate and its translation (if the student wants to enroll in a bachelor’s degree or vocational and health institutes).
  • A certificate of passing the bachelor’s level and the secondary certificate and its translation (if the student wants to enroll in a master’s degree).
  • A certificate of passing the master’s, bachelor’s, and high school level and its translation (if the student wants to enroll in a doctoral degree).
  • Certificate of passing the YOS exam (if the student wants to enroll in a public university).
  • Certificate equivalency (secondary, bachelor’s or master’s degree) according to the academic stage that the student wishes to enroll in.

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