Educational consulting

Pacios Education Consulting Team

Pacios Education Consulting Team
“A successful choice to succeed with excellence”

Pasios Educational Foundation is licensed and approved by the Turkish government, and is considered an official agent for many private and public universities in Turkey.

Pasios Foundation for educational and university consulting and services is interested in the academic field and what is related to private and public Turkish universities and all their dealings, in addition to providing all advice and consultations to the foreign student regarding how to register and the required papers, so that he can obtain university admission from the best Turkish public and private universities for free.

Why Pasius?

Pacios is an institution contracting with the best private universities in Turkey and will be with you step by step.
– A full team of qualified consultants to communicate with students.
– Establishing a strong relationship with students.
Providing all academic consultations for free.
Securing all documents required for the registration process.
Free university admission insurance.
Securing appropriate student housing.

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