Aviation management

Aviation management major

The aviation management major is considered one of the specializations at the present time, and many students seek to study this major in order to excel and enter the field of air transport, as it qualifies graduates to be successful in practical life after giving them strong programs for learning and training inside and outside the university,

An introduction to aviation management

Aviation management is a specialty that falls within the fields of the College of Business Administration. Due to the global development, the need for this specialization came to qualify trainees to head positions in the basic areas that manage the aircraft industry, airport planning, airline management, general aviation operations, and aviation insurance. While this specialization helps in obtaining distinguished opportunities in local and international airlines, work in this field requires more innovative solutions to problems.

Advantages of studying aviation management

  1. Contribute to meeting the needs of civil air transport managers, who are witnessing a rapid development in the world.
  2. The great development in the fields of air transport and its industry, and the huge expansions in airports.
  3. Graduates get the chance to work in all international and local airlines.
  4. Graduates enjoy an outdoor working environment when they follow the different daily operations of airlines and airports.
  5. The prices of studying aviation management in Turkey are cheap compared to the rest of the world, in addition to the good financial returns.

Areas and workplaces of aviation management

  • Airport Security Department.
  • Prepared contingency plans for airports.
  • Flight station manager.
  • Airport operations manager.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Air navigation.
  • Tourism companies.
  • Airline marketer.
  • Security and safety of air transport.

The most important Turkish universities studying aviation management majors

  • Ozyegin University.
  • Medipol University.
  • Aydin University.
  • Nisantasi University.
  • Beykoz University.
  • Bilgi University.
  • Istinye University.
  • Gelişim University.
  • Okan University.

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